Autumn Writing Contest!


Can you write a short story about the changing of the Fall season?  The story can be a personal experience, a made up story, can be in first, second, or third (limited or omniscient) person, can contain as many characters as you desire, but must be on the topic of Fall.


  • Must contain at least 5 paragraphs
  • Each paragraph must have at least 5 sentences.
  • Lines of dialogue do not count as a paragraph unless one part of dialogue contains at least 5 sentences.
  • Can be in first, second, or third person.
  • Can include as many characters as you desire. (meaning people, plants, animals, etc.)
  • Can include personification.
  • The theme must be “change.”
  • the topic must be “autumn.”


  • Submit as a Word Document or Google Drive file to:
  • Subject line in e-mail should be: FULL NAME – STORY TITLE.
  • Other submission options will be available soon.


  • First, second and third place winners will be announced on November 25th
  • Grand Prize: Story will be featured on Peanut Feast blog, and on Google. (Fully credited to rightful owner.)
  • Second and Third place will be announced on Peanut Feast blog. (Fully credited to rightful owners.)

More details coming soon, Good Luck writers! 🙂

-Peanut Feast

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Welcome to the Peanut Feast Blog!  Here, you can find book reviews, writings, poetry, works of literature, and so much more!  As of right now, we’re currently getting everything together.  However, we’ll soon be featuring Words of the Week, holding contests, and featuring other peoples writings!  Follow us on Google+ and subscribe to us on YouTube!

Stay nutty, and see you later!

-Peanut Feast

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